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How to Organize a Tabular Report using Grouping and Sorting Features (Video)

BI Reports

In this video, we’ll focus on how to organize a tabular report using grouping and sorting features.

We'll use the same tabular report that we created in our previous tutorial. Since we want to display the details for each product’s CategoryID, we will add a group to our table. This will give the report a more organized look.

Right-click any row in the table and select “Insert Group” to add a group in the table. From the group adorner, select TableGroup and set Group Expressions property to CategoryID.

You can also sort these groups by using Sort Expressions.

Now, we will make the table more descriptive by displaying CategoryID for each group above the Details row.

Finally, we can improve the appearance of the added group rows and preview the report. We can see that our data is now grouped according to the CategoryID and looks more organized.

As a result, it is easier to comprehend the displayed data. Next, we want to sort our data. We will sort the sales information corresponding to each CategoryID according to UnitsInStock field.

Select Details Group and set Sort Expressions property to UnitsInStock field.

Preview the final report and see the results of our grouping and sorting in this tabular report.

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