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What's New in Wyn Enterprise Server v6.0

The summer release for Wyn Enterprise is here. Business Intelligence adoptions are constantly growing YoY with a projected market size of $32.8B by 2027. Among the most requested capabilities of business intelligence platforms, ease of use by business users to help with end-user adoption is at the top. With this release, we address this top request along with a few other commonly requested functionalities by end users.

Cross Platform Internationalization

Today’s organizations are global and speak multiple languages. It becomes essential for user adoption that users are able to understand the documents they are viewing and the application functionality that goes along with the interactive dashboards and reports. With Wyn Enterprise v6.0, we introduce Custom Language Packs for adding and customizing the application language preferences. For designing dashboards and reports responsive to the users' language preferences, you now can use the new Language resources.

Learn more about the extensive localization features and capabilities here.

Introducing Wyn Alerts

Data monitoring is one of the most requested productivity needs for end users. Monitoring works when the user is away from their desk or doesn't have their eyes on constantly changing data visualized in dashboards. Wyn Enterprise v6.0, introduces Wyn Alerts that allow end users to configure data monitoring rules based on dashboard visualizations to send notifications via email, MS Teams, or Slack channels. Thus, no matter where you are, if an actionable event occurs according to the monitoring rules you have setup, Wyn will send you the required information letting you know.

Learn more about Wyn Alerts here.

Powerful Wyn Analytic Expressions (WAX)

Wyn Analytic Expressions (WAX) were added in recent versions to enhance the ad hoc expressions capabilities for the dashboards. They allow end users to use simple expressions to do statistical and aggregation calculations directly in the dashboards without waiting for developers, data analysts, or admins. With Wyn v6.0, we have added more analytical functions including RFM analysis, Correlation Analysis, and Pareto Analysis to allow for faster and easier ways to analyze and visualize data for end users.

Learn more about the Wyn Analytic Expressions in the documentation here.

New Data Sources and Data Access

Wyn Enterprise v6.0 adds additional support for Snowflake and ClickhouseDB to allow usage with Analytic Data Models with DirectQuery in dashboards. Full support for AnalyticDB has also been added as a new data source. Further, the ElasticSearch provider has been enhanced to use the native query language fully supported by ElasticSearch.

Download a copy of Wyn Enterprise v6.0 to connect with your data sources here.


Additional customer-requested features

As with all releases of Wyn Enterprise, we reserve a part of the roadmap for customer requests. In this release, this includes the following:

  • Recycle Bin for deleted documents: Users can now recover deleted documents for a pre-configured period in the new Recycle Bin on the Document Portal.

  • Batch Hiding of Documents: Users and Admins can now attach multiple documents together in the document portal to remove clutter and organize the reports and dashboards they most often use.

  • Task Management page for Admins: The Admin Portal has a new Task Management page that shows all tasks scheduled by end users making it easier for the admin to manage resources and track down long-running schedules.


With Wyn Enterprise v6.0, the plugins for WynDashboards v6.0 and WynReports v6.0 are also available. More information about what's new in each is detailed in these blogs below:

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Bhupesh Malhotra

Bhupesh is a Global Product Manager at wynEnterprise. He loves to tell the story behind data through data visualization techniques. He likes to hear from customers and talk about their experiences with reporting and analytics. When he isn't thinking about data, he spends time with his family and enjoys traveling to new places with them. You can connect with Bhupesh on Twitter

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