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What's New in Wyn Enterprise Server v7.0

The latest release of Wyn Enterprise is here. With a focus on embedding Wyn documents in customer applications, the primary goal of this release is to add support features that make this function more seamless. Targeted features include APIs, customization options, and performance improvements. This release also includes more advanced analytic expression possibilities due to enhanced WAX analytics. Additionally, with the variety of new deployment models, standardizing and better support for K8s deployments following best practices has also been looked at.


Data Engine Enhancements

Thanks to performance optimization for Wyn’s WAX Expressions Engine, users can expect faster data queries and analysis to provide the documents with the processed data. Users will also notice an improved user experience for creating and maintaining data models thanks to enhancements to Analytic Data Models pertaining to filtering and synchronizing changes to schema.

Additional enhancements include:

  • Cached Datasets can be re-used as data sources for other datasets.

  • Native connectors for 2 new data sources: TDEngine and GaussDB.

  • New user-context filtering capabilities for Wyn’s Push Datasets


Notifications and Scheduling Enhancements

Data security continues to be a hot topic and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. This release includes better support for SSL in Email Notifications resulting in more secure email notifications using standard SSL to communicate with more mail servers. Also included is new support for file share delivery medium using AWS S3 storage. This means new distribution medium of file shares to send files outside the server and not be dependent on email or custom code.

Additional enhancements include:

  • Allow enabling/disabling of the download link by administrators.

  • Allow hiding/showing the Report Bursting options for administrators.


Deployments Enhancements

Enhanced Kubernetes deployment options with support for Helm Charts, allowing for resource limits. This allowed us to standardize best practices for K8s deployments using the Helm Charts. These are also better supported across AWS deployments using EKS. Also, there is an addition of configuration pages for Admin Portal SSO deployment options which makes it easier.

Additional enhancements include:

  • Support for Redis clusters in distributed deployment options.

  • Streamlined the upgrade process for distributed deployments


Overall Performance Improvements

This release includes new deployment options for single service deployments and an overall lighter optimized web portal with a smaller service footprint. This provides the ability to handle larger cached datasets for faster analytic processing and has dramatically reduced the memory footprint with Single Process deployment option.

Additional performance improvements include:

  • Improved memory usage across server processes.

  • DuckDB and ClickhouseDB added as alternate AnalyticDB technologies for improved performance with larger datasets.


Security and Vulnerability Improvements

Version 7 addressed PenTest vulnerabilities. Long term maintenance of standardized vulnerability checks for Docker images and libraries used by the platform.

Additional security and vulnerability improvements include:

  • Allow organization admins to manage users only in their organization

  • Improved application vulnerability based on standardized penetration tests

  • Improved support for vulnerability checks for server deployments


Improved Globalization Support

Improved language translation options for Custom Language Pack and Language Resources. Users can now use Excel exports to translate language packs and language resources outside of the Wyn editor.


Portal UI Enhancements

Additional portal UI enhancements include:

  • Improved search capability for documents in the Document Portal

  • Optimized the Recycle Bin visibility

  • Optimized document list load times for Admin Portal

  • New Tile mode to show documents with thumbnails in the Document Portal


With Wyn Enterprise v7.0, the plugins for WynDashboards v7.0 and WynReports v7.0 are also available. More information about what's new in each is detailed in these blogs below:

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Bhupesh Malhotra

Bhupesh is a Global Product Manager at wynEnterprise. He loves to tell the story behind data through data visualization techniques. He likes to hear from customers and talk about their experiences with reporting and analytics. When he isn't thinking about data, he spends time with his family and enjoys traveling to new places with them. You can connect with Bhupesh on Twitter

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