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What's New in WynDashboards v7.0

WynDashboards v7.0 is now available. At the heart of this release lies our steadfast commitment to delivering cutting-edge visualization experiences. We have expanded our horizons to include new visualizations, notably enhanced Maps, 3D model visualizations, and many more visuals from ECharts library. These enrichments have emerged as a response to the resonating requests from our user community and stand as a testament to our pursuit of continuous enhancement. While Customer Support has been a guiding hand in the past, this release signifies our resolute shift toward independently addressing vital user needs, particularly in the domains of maps, 3D models, and intricate 3D charts.

Together with this, new options for customization in an embedded form have been added to the designer and viewer. We’ve also amplified animation and action-based commands, fostering interactivity that's initiated by users. This lends an entirely new layer of engagement, ensuring your dashboards are as vibrant as the insights they convey. We've also dedicated substantial efforts to elevate performance – not just of the platform at large, but with a laser focus on optimizing dashboard performance.

Read the full Wyn v7.0 release post here.


New Maps Visualization Support

We’re excited to announce the debut of our cutting-edge Maps Visualization feature in WynDashboards v7.0. Designed to deliver an immersive and interactive spatial exploration experience, this addition marks a pivotal advancement in how you perceive and interact with your data. In addition, we've raised the bar by integrating OpenStreetMaps for background tiles. This integration imbues your visualizations with context, allowing your data to come to life against a detailed geographical backdrop.

The enhancements extend even further with the incorporation of Bubble Maps, Flow Maps, Heat Maps, and Region Maps. Each of these visualization types is meticulously designed to help you discern patterns, relationships, and trends in your data, all while seamlessly adapting to your unique requirements.

We’ve also added dynamic Zoom and drill-down interactivity. This transformational feature empowers you to delve deeper into your data, unraveling layers of insights as you zoom in and explore.


New 3D Model Visualization Support

WynDashboards v7.0 introduces its groundbreaking 3D Model Visualization feature.

The application of 3D model generation and visualization finds its foothold in industries like Manufacturing and Real Estate, where data is intimately intertwined with tangible structures. Imagine being able to not just view data, but to embed it seamlessly into a 3D model, offering an unprecedented level of context and insight. Picture manufacturing scenarios where machine parts are visualized within the machinery they belong to, or real estate scenarios where floor plans come alive with data-rich insights.

Facilitating this transformative experience is our newly minted 3D Scene Designer – a tool that empowers you to craft and define the semantic layers that bind data to 3D models. This intuitive environment paves the way for a seamless fusion of data and visual elements, offering a canvas where insights come alive.

Our newly introduced 3D Scene visual acts as a bridge between your datasets and your 3D scene definitions. This bridging fosters an interactive narrative where cross-filtering, drill-downs, and other user interactions breathe life into the data that's immersed in your 3D model.


Additional New Visualizations

This release includes richer, more captivating data visualization possibilities.

  • This release ushers in a spectrum of new visualization options, all seamlessly integrated through the power of ECharts libraries. The lineup includes:
    • Line Chart
    • Pie Chart
    • Radar Chart
    • Bubble Chart
    • Combined Chart
    • Funnel Chart
    • Word Cloud
    • Gauge
    • 3D Column Chart
  • Enhanced properties in existing visualizations including entrance animation, action commands and text label options, your visualizations are elevated to a new realm of dynamism.

  • Enhanced vertical alignment, line spacing and more in RichText control, ensuring that your narratives are not only impactful but also beautifully composed.

  • Improved control over text using Pixel based sizing, offering a level of text control that caters to the discerning eye.

  • Data label colors can now use the color palette for the chart visualizations, ensuring harmonious cohesion throughout your dashboard.

  • Added ability to hide columns in data table scenarios, offering flexibility without compromising on insight.

  • Enhanced KPI and Gauges with Jump-To interactivity options, imbuing your insights with newfound dynamism.

  • Collapsible categories in the Inspector panel in the Dashboard Designer, streamlining your workflow and granting you greater control.


Designer Enhancements

WynDashboards v7.0 brings forth a series of enhancements meticulously engineered to simplify complex and repetitive tasks. At the forefront of these enhancements lies a concerted effort to empower users, particularly when faced with intricate undertakings.

Here's what else this release brings to the Designer table:

  • Scenario Templates and Visual Gallery: An innovative approach to sharing visualizations as templates, setting you on a path to collaboration and efficient design from the get-go.

  • Dashboard Templates: The introduction of new Dashboard Templates offers a versatile array of starting points for your dashboard creations.

  • Scenario Alignment and Layout Shortcuts: Navigate with ease using new shortcuts found in the menu bar, empowering you to align and structure scenarios effortlessly.

  • Dashboard Explorer in Designer: A visual compass to swiftly locate the components and scenarios that constitute your dashboard, enabling seamless management.

  • Enhanced WAX Expressions: Elevating your calculations, the enhancements extend to dimensions and measure calculations, including powerful YoY, MoM, QoQ functionalities.

  • Interactive WAX Expressions: WAX expressions now ingeniously draw input from Slicer selections, deepening interactivity and analysis potential.


Dashboard Interactivity Enhancements

This release provides improvements for user interaction and engagement with your dashboards. The user-centric design approach permeates every facet, ensuring that interactions are not just functional, but delightful.

Enhancements include:

  • Enhanced Cross-Filtering Interactivity: An expanded cross-filtering experience bridges your data across dashboard pages and containers, fostering seamless exploration that transcends boundaries.

  • Slicer Scope Across Pages and Containers: Slicers, a quintessential tool for data refinement, now wield increased control. Their scope stretches across dashboard pages and containers, ensuring a harmonized filtering experience.

  • Date Slicer Enhancements: Navigating through time is now even more intuitive with additional control and the usage of relative dates, offering an agile and responsive time-frame selection.

  • New Jump-To Interactivity: Seamlessly traverse between pages and tabs within the same dashboard using Jump-To interactivity. This newfound navigational tool offers an entirely new layer of exploration, allowing for a deeper, more personalized journey through your insights.   


Performance Optimizations

Performance optimizations are always top of mind during any release. Optimizations in v7.0 recalibrate every facet to ensure efficiency, speed, and a seamless user experience.

  • Optimization of performance of Pivot Charts working with large datasets. This enhancement in performance promises swift interactions and unhampered exploration.

  • Optimization for the overall performance of the Card Scenarios load time, propelling you into a realm of instant insights.

  • Improved performance of slicers with large datasets which means handling large datasets is no longer a hurdle, as their responsiveness now aligns with your pace.

  • Overall improvement of Dashboard load times and WAX Engine performance. This cornerstone ensures that every calculation, interaction, and visualization unfolds with the grace and immediacy that modern data analysis demands.


Embedding and API

WynDashboards v7.0 unfolds a suite of enhancements designed to grant you greater control and interaction possibilities, seamlessly integrating dashboards into your applications.

  • White-labeling enhancements to hide the “Help” and “Close” buttons in embedded mode of the dashboards. - Tailoring dashboards to your brand essence is now more comprehensive, with the option to discreetly hide the "Help" and "Close" buttons in the embedded mode. This level of customization ensures a cohesive user journey that resonates with your application's aesthetic.

  • New setParameter Method for custom visuals to interact with dashboard settings/slicers. This capability unlocks a realm of dynamic adjustments, offering users a truly tailored exploration experience.

  • Enhancements to Jump-To functionality in a DIV based embedded dashboard/scenario. Seamlessly traverse between pages and tabs, empowering users to navigate through insights with unmatched fluidity.

Bhupesh Malhotra

Bhupesh is a Global Product Manager at wynEnterprise. He loves to tell the story behind data through data visualization techniques. He likes to hear from customers and talk about their experiences with reporting and analytics. When he isn't thinking about data, he spends time with his family and enjoys traveling to new places with them. You can connect with Bhupesh on Twitter

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