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Retail Dashboard

Sales Analysis

Achieve a competitive edge with a sales analysis dashboard.


Predict both profitable and non-profitable sales outcomes. Seamlessly display your data through effective data visualization. Visualize your gross profit margin, expenses, operating profit, store unit price, markup percentages, and more.

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  • Small Businesses 
  • Fortune 500 Companies 
  • Sales Managers 
  • Director of Marketing 
  • Sales Director 
  • Vice President of Sales 
  • Sales Development Representative
  • Product Development Staff 
  • Product Management 
  • Sales Representatives 
  • Sales Coordinators 
  • Sales Assistant 
  • Sales Engineer 
  • Wholesales and Manufacturing Sales Professionals
  • Collection Agents 
  • Sales Consultant 
  • Account Executive 
  • Account Manager 
  • Regional Sales Manager 
  • Monthly Sales Growth 
  • Average Profit Margin 
  • Monthly Sales Bookings 
  • Sales Opportunities 
  • Sales Target 
  • Average Purchase Value 
  • Monthly Calls (or emails) Per Sales Rep
  • Sales Per Rep 
  • Product Performance 
  • Sales by Contact Method 
  • Average Cost Per Lead 
  • Retention and Churn Rates 
  • Average Conversion Time 
  • Average Sales Cycle Length 
  • Number of Monthly Onboarding and Demo Calls
  • Customer Acquisition Cost 
  • Average Revenue Per Unit 
  • Customer Lifetime Value 
  • Lead-to-Sale %
  • Opportunity-to-Win Ratio 
  • Sales Opportunity Score 

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