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Wyn Enterprise Whitepapers


Explore our library of educational resources on the latest trends in BI, research, analytics, and data visualization.


TDWI Best Practices Report - Faster Insights from Faster Data

With this best practices guide, your organization can increase data-informed decision-making and actions to drive better business outcomes.

Author: David Stodder

Six Strategies for Modernizing Data Visualization with Dashboards and Reports

A guide for BI teams looking to use self-service capabilities, data architecture resources, and enterprise reporting platforms to improve user productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction.

Author: David Stodder

Overcoming BI Self-Service Obstacles During and After a Pandemic

In this guide, we discuss how self-service BI allows businesses to visualize, analyze, and communicate the fundamental data to their role. We discuss everyday self-service BI adoption obstacles and offer several insights on ways to overcome adoption challenges. 

Authors: Bhupesh Malhotra, Product Manager for Wyn Enterprise, and Dan Columbus, Director of Enterprise Sales at Wyn Enterprise 

Six Signs Your Organization Needs Embedded BI

Does your business require embedded BI? This checklist discusses six prominent signs that your organization needs embedded BI and analytics and examines related success factors.

Author: Fern Halper, Ph.D., and David Stodder

How to Reduce TCO and Increase the ROI of Business Intelligence and Analytics

In this guide, we discuss factors that impact TCO and offer several strategies to reduce your BI costs.

Author: David Stodder

A Guide for SaaS Providers: Choosing an Embedded Business Intelligence Solution

Adding BI features to your applications will improve your products, better serve your customers, and impact your business's bottom line. But where to start? In this guide, we discuss the many options.

Author: Laurie A. Smith and Vawn Himmelsbach

Data security icon

Privacy and Ethics in Data Collection for Business Intelligence (BI)

In this guide, we discuss insights into the latest risks associated with data breaches, practical advice for implementing data ethics, and much more. 

Author: Vawn Himmelsbach