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A Guide for SaaS Providers: Choosing an Embedded Business Intelligence Solution


Business intelligence and data analytics capabilities are essential across various software applications. Data-driven organizations can anticipate setbacks, make better-informed decisions and get an edge over their competitors—and these capabilities are no longer the exclusive domain of large enterprises. Adding BI features to your applications will improve your products, better serve your customers, and impact your business's bottom line. But where to start? There are many options out there, with no single approach to implementing BI.

This report examines the following areas:

  • Traditional BI and why it is outdated
  • What should you look for in an embedded BI solution?
  • Why do you want to invest in embedded BI?
    • Buy vs. Build
  • How do you integrate/embed this solution?

About the Authors:

Laurie A. Smith is the former Product Marketing Manager for Wyn Enterprise. She managed content development at GrapeCity's Developer Tools Division before moving to the Wyn Enterprise Business Intelligence Team. Laurie holds an MFA in Film and Digital Media Production from Chatham University, an MBA & MA in Journalism and Mass Communications from Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA.

Vawn Himmelsbach is a writer and editor specializing in enterprise IT, writing for national newspapers and technology trade magazines on everything from AI to zero-day threats. She also spent three years working abroad as an Asian correspondent, covering all things tech.