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Overcoming BI Obstacles After a Global Pandemic


Based on Dresner Advisory Services' findings from their 2020 COVID-19 Impact Survey, 62% of businesses say self-service BI is essential in 2020. The results reflect respondents' firm belief that data-driven decision-making is a must-have for their businesses to survive and eventually grow again.

The effective use of self-service BI relieves business analyst teams, allowing them to take on more complex tasks (pricing, product mix, and supply chain modeling), which are all essential for surviving in a turbulent economy.

However, as analytics tools become increasingly easy to use, without the right organizational changes and the right resources, self-service initiatives often overwhelm users.

In this guide, we discuss how self-service BI allows businesses to be more collaborative, to visualize, analyze, and communicate the fundamental data to their role.

We discuss self-service BI adoption obstacles and offer several insights on ways to overcome common adoption challenges. 


Bhupesh Malhotra, Product Manager for Wyn Enterprise, and Dan Columbus, Director of Enterprise Sales at Wyn Enterprise