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Privacy and Ethics in Data Collection for Business Intelligence (BI)


Unleashing the full power of modern business intelligence (BI) goes beyond just delving into data mining and analytics; it requires a careful consideration of data ethics. As your data utilization expands, it's crucial to understand how your data is gathered and utilized, be aware of the global privacy regulations you're bound by, and comprehend their potential impact on your operations. This white paper delves into the intersection of BI and data ethics.

Within its pages, you will discover:

  • Insights into the latest risks associated with data breaches

  • An exploration of contemporary privacy regulations and their implications for BI

  • Practical advice for implementing data ethics, including in applications involving generative AI

Adopting ethical practices in handling data within BI isn't just a moral imperative—it's a strategic decision that mitigates risks and fosters trust with both customers and stakeholders. Take a step towards a more ethical and data-savvy future by downloading the complete white paper today.

About the Authors:

Vawn Himmelsbach is a writer and editor specializing in enterprise IT, writing for national newspapers and technology trade magazines on everything from AI to zero-day threats. She also spent three years working abroad as an Asian correspondent, covering all things tech.