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Wyn Enterprise Technical Partner Program

Our Technical Partner Program addresses the market demand for embedded self-service BI, advanced analytics, and ad-hoc reporting solutions.

Designed for System Integrators, the Wyn TPP offers many benefits: 

  • Priority technology access
  • Additional technical support & training
  • A lower overall BI cost as well as discounts & purchase credits
Seamlessly Embed Advanced Analytics, BI Reports & Interactive Dashboards

Embedded BI for Web Apps

Give your customers an interactive and customized analytics experience all from within the same app.

BI with a Scalable Architecture

Reuse Wyn across all of your tenants without any per-user fees.

A Customize & White-Label Wyn

White-label to integrate with tenant-specific UI portals to align with brand-style guidelines.

Enjoy the Program Benefits

Become a Technical Partner

  • Discounts and Purchase Credits
    Obtain multiple licenses and gain access to extended payment terms.
  • Priority Access
    Access to beta versions before commercial introduction. 
  • Involvement in Technology Enhancements
    Active involvement with product management and collaboration in technology roadmap discussions.
  • Co-marketing Efforts
    Include your company name and logo on the Wyn Enterprise website, inclusion in press releases, references on technical review sites, and participation in technical case studies. 
  • Free Development Licenses
    The Wyn Enterprise team will provide a development license or consignment licenses free of charge to your teams for the development of client implementations.  
  • Referrals
    As a trusted technical partner, the Wyn Enterprise team will refer you to organizations that need system integration services.  
  • Extensive Access
    Receive top-level access to technical engagement and development teams to support, guide, and troubleshoot your client Wyn Enterprise implementations. 

A Licensing Model Ideal for System Integrators

Attempting to accurately predict the number of end-users a BI solution will need as it scales is near impossible. This presents a problem to System Integrators when budgeting for a BI platform that utilizes a per-user licensing schema.

Our unique licensing model was designed with System Integrators in mind.

Wyn's Flat-Fee Licensing Model

Zero per-user fees

No data limitations

No run-time royalties

Our flat-fee licensing model allows you to budget for BI licensing fees in your client projects accurately without escalating licensing fees. 

From a single Wyn licensed server, an organization may embed Wyn Enterprise in an unlimited number of applications with an unlimited number of end-users.

As your clients' applications grow and begin adding end-users, Wyn's licensing fees do not increase.

Wyn's lightweight server architecture offers flexible deployment and integration options within any web application.

Learn More About Wyn's Technology Partner Program

Become a Partner