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Wyn Enterprise Videos

Browse our collection of video tutorials, trends in embedded business intelligence, dashboards, BI reporting best practices, and data visualization webinars.

Front-End Portals

Walkthroughs of the Admin, Documents & Resource Portals

Introduction to the Wyn Resource Portal

The Wyn Enterprise Resource Portal is primarily used by data administrators who manage the resources required for designing ad hoc reports and dashboards.

Here, we'll explore this portal.

Introduction to the Wyn Admin Portal

The Admin Portal provides access to settings related to configuration, account, system, and documents.

This video explores this portal and its functionality. 

Introduction to the Wyn Document Portal

The Document Portal allows you to view and manage all the reports and dashboards available in Wyn Enterprise.

We'll explore the Wyn Document Portal to highlight the various functionalities available to end-users.

Dashboarding and Reporting Tutorials


Dashboard Designer Walkthrough

BI Dashboards

The Dashboard Designer allows users to create interactive dashboards by connecting to a data source, setting up the UI, previewing, and then exporting the dashboard.

In this video, we will go through the Dashboard Designer's features.

Create a BI Dashboard in 5 Minutes

BI Dashboards

We'll create a dashboard with KPIs, charts, a map visualizer, and custom colors -- in under 5 minutes.

Using Color Palettes and Themes in BI Dashboards

BI Dashboards

In this video, we’ll show you how to customize Wyn’s built-in themes and palettes. We'll create a new color palette, create a custom color, and explore gradient swatches.

How to Add & Format Bar Charts in Your BI Dashboard

BI Dashboards

Wyn Enterprise supports the following types of bar charts:

  • Basic Bar Chart,
  • Range Bar Chart,
  • Stacked Bar Chart,
  • Percent Stacked Bar Chart,
  • Bar Chart in Polar Coordinates,
  • Stacked Bar Chart in Polar Coordinates
  • Radial Stacked Bar Chart.

We'll create and customize each chart inside a BI dashboard.


How to Create & Customize Column Charts

BI Dashboards

Wyn Enterprise supports the following types of column charts: Column Chart, Range Column Chart, Stacked Column Chart, and the Percent Stacked Column Chart. Learn how to create each chart in a Wyn Enterprise dashboard

Create a Customized Dashboard with a Pivot Table

BI Dashboards

We’ll use a pivot table to create an employee demographic dashboard. We'll also cover basic features of the pivot table, such as expanding or collapsing data, swapping columns and rows, and sorting the data.

Creating Area Charts in Wyn Enterprise

BI Dashboards

Area charts are used to represent the change in one or more data quantities over time. Wyn Enterprise Dashboards have four kinds of Area charts: basic area chart, stacked area chart, range area chart, and the percent stacked area chart.

Here, we'll show you how easy it is to create area charts in Wyn Enterprise.

Creating a Candlestick Chart in WynDashboard

BI Dashboards

A candlestick chart is a great tool to visualize, analyze, and predict the price movement and fluctuations over time for financial entities such as security, derivatives, currency, stock, bonds, commodities, etc. It is often used by traders, investors, finance brokers, and many others, to identify possible price movements based on past patterns and gauge the near-term direction of prices.

Here, we'll show you how easy it is to create a candlestick chart in Wyn Enterprise.

How to Enable Data Monitoring in Wyn Dashboards Using Wyn Alerts

BI Dashboards

Given the pace of daily tasks, business users are not able to watch dashboard insights all the time. To help businesses track and notify teams about situations that demand quick resolutions, Wyn Enterprise offers Wyn Alerts as a paid add-on feature for dashboards and as a way to continuously monitor your data.

Here, we'll show you how to create a Wyn Alert.

How to Add Animations to Visual Scenarios in WynDashboard: Entrance and Exit Effects

BI Dashboards

Learn how to add animations to your business intelligence dashboards with new features from Wyn Enterprise. In our v7.0 release, we added new animation functionality to enhance your BI data visualization.

Here, we'll show you how to add entrance and exit effects.

How to Configure Report Bursting Features in Wyn Enterprise


Learn how to configure bursting features for your business intelligence reports within the Wyn Enterprise platform.

How to Create a Tabular Sales Report


In this video, we'll create a tabular product sales report.

Tabular Reporting - Grouping and Sorting


In this video, we’ll organize a tabular report using grouping and sorting features.

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