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Our unique licensing models are server-based which allows you to scale your business and the user base — with no additional cost. Additionally, our three package offerings ensure you're not paying for more than you need.

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Client Savings Story: A Better Way to BI

A client in the Healthcare industry was using PowerBI as their primary platform for their embedded dashboards and distributed reporting needs. Their BI implementation had thousands of end-users and it was conveyed to Wyn that their licensing fees were in excess of $500,000 USD annually. This client was about to acquire another healthcare company and their licensing fees were estimated to grow past $700,000 USD annually.

The IT team decided to substitute Wyn Enterprise for Power BI for a majority of their end-users. They kept some PowerBI licenses for their data scientists, DBAs, and power users. This switch from PowerBI to Wyn Enterprise resulted in BI licensing fees under $50,000 USD annually. This represents a savings of more than $600,000 USD annually, while growing the audience who can use the BI tools for self-service reporting and visualization.

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Explore Wyn's embedded BI and advanced analytics capabilities with our three-step journey.

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Take a Wyn Tour

Take a Wyn Tour

Watch our Wyn Enterprise video demo and learn about user portals, the Dashboard Designer, and how to create a report in seconds. 

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Try Wyn Out

Try Wyn Out

Get the 15-day Wyn Enterprise online evaluation and explore our dashboarding and reporting functionalities using Wyn’s demo data. 

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Get the Full Version

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