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Embedding Wyn Enterprise

The following resources will get you started with embedding Wyn reporting, dashboards, and data visualizations into your applications.

If you have any issues while embedding Wyn, please reach out to our Wyn Experts tech team.

Embedding Wyn Enterprise

For language packs, samples, and custom visuals, explore our GitHub

Embedding Wyn Enterprise in an Application via API - Part I

Here, we'll integrate Wyn into a React application with the help of Wyn's API endpoints.

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Embed WynDashboards in a Web App Using Div

Here, we'll develop a simple web application and embed the Viewer and Designer components using div and the Wyn Dashboards API.

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Embed Individual Dashboard Scenarios into a Web App

An overview of Wyn's embeddable BI capabilities and integrate a single scenario/visualization from a complete dashboard.

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Hosting Wyn in a Web Application via iFrame

Here, we'll integrate Wyn Enterprise in an ASP.NET Core app via iFrame.

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Embedding Wyn Enterprise in a Web App via ReportViewer

How to embed Wyn Enterprise in a Web App using Wyn's own ReportViewer.

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Wyn Video Library

Explore the Wyn Video Library.

Browse our collection of video tutorials, data management, trends in analytics, and data visualization webinars.

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